2017 Ford GT vs Corvette Z06: How Much Do You Believe In The GT?

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The all-new GT is confirmed to be Ford’s fastest road-legal production car yet and it is also considered an exotic too. Because of this, we would gladly side with the GT, even when the vehicle is standing right next to the much-cheaper Corvette Z06.

However, there will still be a lot of people siding with the Corvette Z06 and this is due to the car being a proven performer. The Ford GT has yet to prove its worth around the track and the fact that it also looks inferior on the specs sheet made it less interesting when compared to the Z06.

Well, there is no wrong in saying so because the Corvette Z06 runs on a bigger mill and it can also serve 100ft-lbs of torque more than what the GT is capable of. It is perhaps true that the Z06 is more exciting on the specs sheet.

But then again, we also know that the GT is Ford’s fastest car hence the vehicle is likely to return greater track times despite having the smaller numbers. It is a question about belief when it comes to the GT. The smoke will clear away when the GT shows its worth around the track.