2017 Ford GT vs Corvette Z06: When Figures Don’t Matter

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The typical motorsports scene in the US mostly focuses on the figures and statistics. The very basic of how things work here is that cars are judged for the amount of horsepower which they have to offer.

Due to this imaginary rule of calculation, many Chevrolet fanboys are loud in criticizing the Ford GT for being less attractive than the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and some even called the GT the slower car too.

Well, this is totally unacceptable because the GT is anything but slower than the Corvette Z06. Sure, the car may rely on a smaller capacity V6 engine with the same pony counts as the Z06 but that does not say slow at all. Being Ford’s fastest production car to date, it is obvious that the GT is going to leave the Z06 in its smoke on the tracks.

The only thing we can agree on is the fact that the GT is not as attractive as the Z06 on the figures. While both cars may share the same pony count, it is the GT that brags 100ft-lbs more torque than the Z06.