2017 Ford Mustang: New Performance Now With Old Problems

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The latest Ford Mustang is certainly a step forward from the previous generation model but that does not mean it is free from any issues. Today, Ford confirmed that there is a major problem with the Mustang and a recall is being made to fix it.

The surprising bit is that the problem is with the driver side’s door handle and it does not look bothersome at all. To be more precise, the problem is with the return spring located on the interior of the driver’s side door.

According to Ford, it is still a must-fix issue because the mis-positioned spring can result in the entire door falling apart if a crash is to happen. Now, we already know about door latches failing on Ford cars through previous high profile cases hence this isn’t something exactly new.

The good news is that Ford has launched a recall on several vehicles that are suspected to carry the fault. A total of 5,762 units are being called back and they are all from the 2017 batch.