2017 Ford Mustang: Prices To Hit Rock Bottom In Q3

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Ford reiterated earlier today that the current Mustang GT350 and GT350R will get carried forward to 2018 despite the models being replaced by a new Mustang Facelift. The aim here is to offer consumers the option to get the Mustang with the current design rather than the new-looking model.

Ford added that the difference with the 2018 GT350 and GT350R when compared to the current outgoing model is that they will be offered with more color options. Under the hood, the cars will still rely on the same 5.2L V8 engine that can develop a whopping 526hp and 429ft-lbs of torque.

With the current model set to get sold alongside the upcoming Mustang Facelift, it is also likely for Ford to reduce the price of both the GT350 and GT350R. Both vehicles are likely to become much cheaper than they are today so that they can get integrated with the Facelift models without any problems.

The Mustang Facelift is expected to come out in Q3 this year and the car will feature a new appearance. Ford has already unveiled the car and it is as pictured above.