2017 Ford Mustang T-Bones Econobox After Escaping Dealers

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It seems that there is no separating the Ford Mustang from being a star in crash videos. Earlier today, another incident of a Mustang crashing hit the web and the happening took place in Michigan.

A video of the crash surfaced online and it saw the Mustang failing to approach a faulty traffic light junction with extreme caution. While the Mustang may have the right of way, the speed which it is travelling it made it tough for other road users to predict and it caused an econobox to be at the receiving end of a T-bone.

The good news here is that both drivers were able to escape the crash with minor injuries and there was a police officer nearby to handle the situation. If that is not good enough, you should note that random doctors and nurses were also at the scene, readily putting their skills on the front line.

The Mustang that was caught in the crash is a very new model with less than 1000 miles on his odometer. You can check out the happening below.