2017 Ford Mustang: There Are Worse Ways To Die

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The latest Ford Mustang may not look convincing on the safety front but to call the car a death trap is just too harsh to begin with. Such a label can’t be helped since the Mustang performed poorly on various crash tests.

Over at ANCAP, the Mustang ended up with only a 2-star rating, which is well below the global average. But if you think that having 2 stars would mean certain death in any type of crash, then you are wrong.

Today, a Mustang owner revealed that he had just survived a horrific crash on the Mustang and this proves that calling the car a death-trap is an over-reaction. To back this up, the owner shared a photo of his Mustang and it is truly totaled. We can barely recognize the car thus suggesting a major crash has happened.

The owner then called for the name-calling to stop as he felt that it is too harsh on the Mustang. Sure, the car is not the best in safety but that does not mean you can’t die in the safest vehicle around. Motorcycles are 28-times more life-threatening but the name calls are not as loud as the Mustang.