2017 GMC Canyon vs Honda Ridgeline: Reversing The Order

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The Honda Ridgeline has not been able to create a big impact in the midsized pickup truck scene but it is not giving up just yet. The month of May 2017 saw the Ridgeline enjoying a sharp incline on the sales front and this paints a new future for the vehicle.

After a long period of time anchored at the bottom of the midsized pickup truck sales charts, the Ridgeline finally showed signs of life by moving upwards on the figures. A total of 2,956 Ridgeline was sold last month and this pushes it up above the GMC Canyon.

The twin for the Chevrolet Colorado only managed 2,411 units sold in May and this allowed the Ridgeline to overtake it on the sales front

We can be certain that Honda would want to keep the momentum alive and they may introduce new add-ons with the Ridgeline to keep the vehicle fresh and exciting. Will this further boost the Ridgeline’s position in the market?