2017 GMC Canyon vs Honda Ridgeline: Swapping Shoes

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The midsized pickup truck segment is being dominated by the Toyota Tacoma at the moment but the vehicle is being closely followed by GM. The advantage with GM is that they have two production pickup trucks competing in the same segment. They are the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon.

The fact that the Colorado and the Canyon are twin vehicles allows GM to combine their sales figures and see where they stand from there. Well, if uncombined, we can see that the GMC Canyon is the weakest link in the segment as it had just lost its place to bottom-sitter Honda Ridgeline.

The latter is an attractive midsized pickup truck that has been unable to hit its stride on the sales front until last month. May 2017 saw the Ridgeline enjoying its best sales month yet thus allowing it to overtake the GMC Canyon.

For all we know, this may just be able to motivate Honda into improving on the Ridgeline to make more attractive than ever. If there’s one thing Honda can do very well, it is moving onwards and upwards. Will the Ridgeline keep the Canyon on its rear for the future to come?