2017 GMC Canyon vs Honda Ridgeline: Swapping Shoes May Go Permanent

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About a year ago, Honda launched the second generation Ridgeline but the vehicle has never managed to capture impressive sales figures. The Ridgeline has been at the bottom pile of the sales charts since it debuted but now, it looks like the vehicle’s fortunes are changing.

If you are to check out Honda’s May 2017 sales report, the Ridgeline finally experienced a respectable growth on the sales front and this gives the vehicle new hopes for the future to come. It gets more exciting when you realized that the Ridgeline has overtaken the GMC Canyon on the 2017 charts.

This is great news for the Ridgeline, especially when you consider that the Canyon has long been that go-to pickup truck in the segment.

Seeing how Honda behaves when their products are hitting its strides, we can fully expect the carmaker to not waste this opportunity and make the Ridgeline more appealing through pouring more effort on the marketing front. Will it be onwards and upwards for the Ridgeline?