2017 GMC Canyon vs Honda Ridgeline: Where It Matters Most

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You can go all-out in producing the world’s best vehicle but it won’t matter at all if you are unable to sell your product. This has been a problem for the latest Honda Ridgeline as the midsized pickup truck has been struggling to achieve decent sales since it made its debut a year ago.

Things were so bad for the Ridgeline that the vehicle never managed to escape the bottom pile of the sales charts but this is no longer the case today. After many months lingering at the bottom end, the Ridgeline finally showed signs of life after it exceeded it’s monthly sales target for the month of May 2017.

It was so good for the Ridgeline that the vehicle managed to leap past the more established GMC Canyon on the 2017 sales charts. Nobody anticipated this happening and we can expect the revitalized Ridgeline to keep the momentum going for the coming months.

Seeing how Honda behaves when their products are hitting its strides, we can fully expect the carmaker to not waste this opportunity and make the Ridgeline more appealing through pouring more effort on the marketing front. Will it be onwards and upwards for the Ridgeline?