2017 Honda Civic: Taking Shots At… VW Scirocco?

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Close rivals to the Honda Civic include the likes of Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Impreza, Mazda 3, and Volkswagen Jetta.

Even against the five-door Civic hatchback, is the three-door Volkswagen Scirocco still relevant?

Apparently a new Civic hatch commercial from Thailand believes it is, as the 45-second clip shows a black Civic being stalked and pursued by a phantom Scirocco. The driver, despite being distracted by the Scirocco on his tail, manages to stop in time to avoid being struck by an incoming train.

The video is in Thai, so we don’t really know what point it’s trying to get across. We know that in terms of practicality and performance, the Civic hatch has the upper hand against the VW. Perhaps the phantom car being a Scirocco has nothing to do with the message of the advert? Unless we understand Thai, we can only guess.

Anyway, the Honda Civic hatchback is only available with its 1.5T engine paired to a CVT in the Land of Smiles, going for 1.169 million baht which converts more or less to $34,000.