2017 Honda Civic Type R Is Not Immune To First-Year Hiccups!

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What is there not to like about the latest-generation Honda Civic Type R? Well, aside from the dealer mark-ups of course, the Civic Type R is a fabulous car you can buy and this is due to the stellar performance which it has to offer.

Honda has already proved the Civic Type R’s worth when they sent the car to Nurburgring and it ended with the vehicle setting a new record for being the fastest FWD sports hatch to ever race at the legendary circuit.

But despite all the goodness that is with the Civic Type R, the car is not immune to first year issues. Those that have tried tracking on the Civic Type R will agree with us when we say that the car is prone to issues like overheating, rev-match errors, grinding gears and also turbo under-boost.

These issues normally come out when the Civic Type R is being pushed to the limit and they can lead to more problems if left unattended. The good news here is that Honda has been listening to every report made by the Type R drivers and they are gradually offering a fix for each one of it.

At present moment, there is only a computer software fix that will solve the under-boost crisis. The rest of the issues are expected to get addressed prior to the release of the 2018 model year Type R.