2017 Honda Civic Type-R Risking Sales For Driver’s Satisfaction

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Honda made it public earlier today that the next-gen Civic Type-R will be debuting in the US in a matter of months from now and it got everyone excited.

This cannot be helped as the next-gen Civic Type-R promises a performance that can rival other great sports hatch and it can do so while operating on FWD. But as much as sports cars are loved by the enthusiasts, selling them is difficult due to the high calling price.

For Honda, they have decided to make it a lot harder to sell the Civic Type-R and this was confirmed when they revealed that the car will only be offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Here in North America, the percentage of manual-capable drivers is a very small one when compared to Europe and this may place an unnecessary limit to the sales potential of the Civic Type-R.

But then again, Honda will receive extra love from the enthusiasts as the carmaker is staying true to the ways of a racer and that is through equipping a sports car with a manual gearbox.