2017 Honda CR-V: Apple CarPlay Won’t Save You This Time

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For the past couple of years or so, the Honda CR-V has dominated the compact SUV department but this does not mean that the vehicle is completely flawless. If there is one weak point with the CR-V, it would be with the vehicle’s dashboard layout.

While Honda may have got the shape of the dashboard right, we simply don’t understand why the carmaker had to make the infotainment system hard to use. The touchscreen system is can be tedious to operate on as it struggles to even cope with simple tasks like switching from audio to navigation.

It gets worst when Honda started offering Apple CarPlay with the latest 2017 CR-V. The feature may sound like an upgrade for the compact SUV but the fact that no improvements have been made on the infotainment system is something that has dragged the overall experience south.

Changing and redesigning the entire dashboard may seem too much for Honda to do for the CR-V in the near future hence we may need to wait a long while before the issue gets fixed.