2017 Honda CR-V: Sorry America – Diesel Isn’t For You

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Diesels and America are two things that just don’t get along. Unlike how it is in the global market, diesels are more expansive to purchase over in the US and they are also not a favourite choice of the consumers.

But despite that fact, there are still a large number of drivers that are open to having a diesel-powered car. Sure, the cost of diesel may be more expansive but it is still worth it if the diesel-powered car is truly designed for the best fuel economy around.

Even so, the craze is not loud enough to convince Honda into launching the CR-V Diesel here in the US. The Japanese carmaker has been enjoying great profits generated by the CR-V Diesel on the global stage and the SUV is now making its way into India.

The Indian automotive market is far behind the quality of other countries hence the decision to have the CR-V Diesel in the country basically shuts the door for the vehicle to enter the US. Is Honda making a mistake?