2017 Honda CR-V Turbo Delays Atlantic Crossing

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The 2017 Honda CR-V is extra special when compared to the 2016 model as it is offered with a new turbocharged mill.

In case you are unaware of this, Honda has launched the 2017 CR-V with a new engine option and it is the 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder mill that is sourced from the tenth generation Civic.

The engine has received many awards for offering the best balance in power and fuel economy thus making it a big boost for the CR-V. Honda also did one better by tweaking the 1.5L unit so that it can push out 190hp instead of 174hp.

Everything about the CR-V Turbo sounds great but if you are planning to buy one in Europe, you may need to wait out until the end of this year. We say this because Honda won’t be shipping the CR-V Turbo into Europe until the 2018 model arrives.

Honda explained that they are already struggling with supply hence they need a little time to ensure enough stock for the global market. It will be a year delay for the European market but the wait will be well worth it.