2017 Honda Ridgeline: Eat Your Heart Out, Ford!

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Some would say that the all-new Honda Ridgeline is a joke due to its non-traditional pickup truck offerings but those that have tested the vehicle beg to differ. The Ridgeline is just surprisingly too good to be called a joke.

Sure, the car-like cabin and the front wheel biased drivetrain may look unattractive but the performance which the Ridgeline has to offer is something no one expected. Today, many companies are picking up the Ridgeline due to its workhorse quality and they are not regretting that decision.

Even major auto experts like Car & Driver are full of praises for the Ridgeline. The journalists from C&D described the Ridgeline as durable, versatile and one that is built for everything.

Perhaps, haters should really stop hating on the Ridgeline because the pickup truck is really a good vehicle. Otherwise, it wouldn’t become a nominee at the 2017 North American Pickup Truck of the Year Awards.

The award ceremony is scheduled for later this month and the Ridgeline stands a high chance of winning the award. All it has to do is to beat the Nissan Titan and the Ford F-Series Super Duty. The odds are certainly in favour of the Ridgeline but will the pickup truck be able to come out on top?