2017 Hyundai IONIQ Would Poke At Self-Driving Nissan Leaf

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It seems that the Hyundai IONIQ is closer to the Nissan Leaf than we thought it would be. The EV version of the IONIQ debuted with about 120 miles of driving range and this is near identical to that of the Nissan Leaf.

If that is not convincing enough, Hyundai admitted last week that 100+ miles of driving range is no longer good enough in the EV market hence they have commenced development of a new EV powertrain that can allow the IONIQ to offer 200 miles. Nissan made the same remark for the Leaf and both cars are projected to arrive within two years from now.

It gets more surprising when Hyundai revealed that the 200-mile IONIQ is going to come with some self-driving features. Hyundai revealed that they have started testing a fully autonomous IONIQ and everything is looking positive. If you can recall, Nissan teased on an autonomous Leaf before and their system is called the Pro Pilot.

With both the IONIQ and the Leaf having so much in common and in-sync with each other’s timing, we can expect a fierce battle involving the duo when they get updated in 2018. Are you excited?