2017 Jeep Compass Leading The Grand Cherokee & Wrangler

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The all-new Jeep Compass may not have a history that is as rich as the Wrangler or the Grand Cherokee but it is starting to turn into an example for other vehicles from Jeep to follow.

This is because the new Compass is equipped with a brand new feature that is unavailable on any other vehicles from Jeep. The feature we are talking about is UConnect 4.0.

UConnect 4.0 is basically a brand new infotainment system and one that is more advanced than UConnect 3.0. The new system is preloaded with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, thus turning cars into a more personalized experience.

The Jeep Compass is the first vehicle to receive UConnect 4.0 and others are likely to follow suit in the near future. The upgrade will be rolled out in phases starting with the next-gen Wrangler.