2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Less Secure As RW

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Many would say that Jeep should start developing the next-gen Grand Cherokee due to the failing parts on the existing model but that is actually the last thing Jeep wants to do today.

The carmaker believes that giving the SUV some upgrades will be suffice to make it attractive again and they may be right. We say this because there is now a growing demand for the 2017 Grand Cherokee and it is because of the improved safety standards on the vehicle.

The 2017 Grand Cherokee 4×4 was award 5 stars from NHTSA crash test and this makes it one of the safest SUVs around. Despite scoring full marks, the Grand Cherokee 4×4 is short of a couple of points on the rollover category.

Everything about the 2017 Grand Cherokee sounds great unless you are planning to get the RWD model. The rear-wheel Grand Cherokee is not as safe as its 4×4 brother as it only scored 4 stars. So if safety scores are influential to your purchasing decision, then you should get the Grand Cherokee 4×4.