2017 Mazda Crossover Coupe: What To Expect?

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Later this year, Mazda will look to unveil the production ready model of the Koeru Concept and the vehicle will become the company’s first ever crossover coupe.

Today, we learned that the crossover coupe will be bigger than the CX-5 as it measures 4.6m long despite sharing the same wheelbase with the popular SUV. Under the hood, the crossover coupe will run on the new 250hp 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder SkyActiv engine, which is the exact same model that will feature on the CX-9.

Of course, nobody exactly knows the name of the crossover coupe. Even the rumours are unsure about it with some claiming it to be the CX-4 while others suggesting that it will be called the CX-7. This will have to wait until Mazda spills more beans on the upcoming crossover coupe. Meanwhile, you can check out a glimpse of the crossover coupe pictured above.