2017 Nissan GT-R Kills Heritage With Price Hike

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The all-new Nissan GT-R Facelift saw a number of improvements made to the car’s performance and technology. The new GT-R also saw a huge price jump and it got us questioning about it.

Unlike the previous GT-R, the new model is priced from $111,585. This is about 8% more than the previous model and it is quite a huge margin. After all, you are required to pay more than $10,000 just so you can enjoy a newly designed interior and 20 extra horsepower.

This is something pretty disappointing in our eyes as the upgrade does not tally well with the price hike. Furthermore, the GT-R is just so expansive today that it has destroyed the things that made the car special a decade ago.

The Nissan GT-R jumped into popularity due to its cheap price and insane performance. The car can basically outperform various other supercars. Today, the GT-R is priced like a proper supercar without any exceptional improvements to its performance.