2017 Nissan GT-R vs 2017 Dodge Challenger: The Race We Want To See

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The latest Nissan GT-R Facelift was launched several months ago and it is believed to be the fastest, bone-stocked GT-R yet. The vehicle is more refined for performance as it has 20hp more to offer than the previous year model.

As for the Dodge Challenger, the 2017-year model will see the car being offered with AWD. The new drivetrain option will surely improve on the performance of the range-topping Challenger Hellcat but it will also make the heavy car heavier.

Because of this, we are really interested in seeing the new Nissan GT-R going up against the upcoming Dodge Challenger Hellcat AWD. On the straight line, we predict a victory for the Hellcat as it will have more grip thus a better launch. On the tracks however, the GT-R will dance around the Challenger Hellcat AWD since it is a proven performer on the curvy roads.

But of course, the above is nothing more than a prediction. We would love to see the outcome of the contest between the Nissan GT- and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat AWD.