2017 Nissan Leaf Continues To Defy Logic

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We are aware that the current Nissan Leaf is outdated when compared to newer EVs. We also know that the next-gen Leaf will be coming out later this year and it carries a massive prospect. With that in mind, why is the current-generation Leaf is making leaps on the sales front?

The month of May has reached a conclusion and it saw the Leaf experiencing yet another increment on the sales front. As of today, Nissan has sold 4,692 Leafs in 2017 and this is really impressive.

Some would say that the Leaf’s success is owed to Nissan’s method of selling the vehicle. Nissan gave the Leaf competitive pricing and to add to that, the carmaker has made the dealers to offer the car with more discounts. The result is a proven EV that is really affordable to own.

If Nissan can keep this up until the arrival of the next-gen Leaf, we don’t see why they can’t achieve unimaginable heights on the sales front.