2017 Nissan Leaf Exposed For Being Pricey

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On the surface, the Nissan Leaf may look like one of the cheapest EV cars money can buy today but it is actually not. A researcher found that the Leaf is actually one of the most expansive EV choices out there and he provided a graph to back up his claim.

According to the research, the Nissan Leaf is more expansive to own than the Chevrolet Bolt and it is almost equal to that of the Tesla Model S 75. The research basically calculated the price of the vehicle an measure it with the driving range.

The Leaf, with its 120 miles of driving range, is then marked at $287 per EV mile. This is almost twice the price of the 238-mile Chevrolet Volt and almost in the price of a Tesla Model S 75.

It goes to say that the Leaf is really expansive where it matters most and the figures are there to back this up. Let’s hope that the next-gen Leaf can fix this.