2017 Nissan Leaf Hits Back At Chevrolet Bolt

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If you are working in the marketing department of Nissan USA, you deserve a good pat on the back for doing a mighty fine job in promoting the Leaf. We say this because the Leaf continues to sell exceptionally well and this is despite of its outdated offerings.

The Leaf is still stuck in the 110 miles of driving range zone and this is far from good for a car that is seen as a pioneer model in the EV market. The industry has already shifted to 200 miles of driving range which means that a new generation Leaf is desperately needed in order for the car to be great again.

The release of the Chevrolet Bolt EV got us predicting the death of the Leaf entirely but we are far from correct. The month of December saw the Leaf recording 1,899 units sold, which translates to 41% increase from a year ago. It just makes no sense at all.

Well, we are in 2017 now and Nissan has confirmed that they have some big things to show at various automotive events. Their first major product unveiling will be taking place at the next Detroit Auto Show and we can only pray that it will be the next-gen Leaf.