2017 Nissan Leaf: How’s This For Failure?

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We all know that the current Nissan Leaf is an aging car and the vehicle is no longer attractive enough to compete in the EV market. This is mostly owed to the fact that the Leaf is still stuck with 120 miles of driving range and it is also expansive if cost is measured by dollars-per-mile.

The good news here is that Nissan is already working on the next-gen Leaf and the future EV car is likely to make its debut later this year. The biggest shock of them all is that despite already knowing that a successor is coming, the old Leaf is still selling well.

Back in December last year, Nissan achieved their best sales month yet with the Leaf and the numbers remained at that level for January last month. It is really amazing if you are to consider that Chevrolet has already launched the Bolt, which is the more attractive car. So what’s the cause of it all?

A Nissan dealer explained to us that the Leaf is still able to sell extremely well because of the way the sellers are trained. Nissan poured in a lot of effort to do public events and educate the dealers on selling the Leaf thus allowing the car to get greater recognition.

With that being said, those who are calling the Leaf a failure can start looking the other way because the EV car is not one.