2017 Nissan Leaf Laughs Off Volkswagen e-Golf Praises

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For those that have been living under a rock, you should know that Volkswagen already has an EV car being actively sold in the market and it is the e-Golf. The car is basically a standard Golf that has got its powertrain replaced with a fully electrical unit.

Priced at around $40,000, the e-Golf can offer a driving range of up to 125 miles and this is pretty great for daily city driving. The range is definitely better than the Nissan Leaf and this has got major reviewers singing praises for the e-Golf.

Nissan, however, prefers to laugh off the threat that comes from the e-Golf because they don’t see the car offering any challenge to the Leaf on the sales front. The Leaf, in spite of its age, is a consistent seller and the numbers are expected to grow extensively when Nissan launches the next-gen model.

As such, there is nothing for Nissan to worry about when it comes to the e-Golf. The fact that the latter is a lot more expansive than the Leaf has further reduced its sales prospects.