2017 Nissan Leaf: Moving On From Past Failure

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For most of last year, sales of the Nissan Leaf declined to the extent that most had written it off as a relic of yesteryear, at least as far as EVs go. Not only did it look more and more obsolete with each passing month, it lacked adequate range to keep up with its rivals.

Furthermore, the Leaf was found to be more expensive than its peers in day-to-day driving, measured in dollars per mile. But rather than dismissing its potential, there were those who sympathized with the electric hatch and argued that its sales drop was due to fans holding out for its next-gen model.

2018 Nissan Leaf

Well it seems that both positions have turned out to be wrong – the Leaf’s current sales prove that it’s no failure, and even with its next-gen model on the horizon (September this year), it has managed to recover from its terrible sales slump.

December 2016 turned out to be the Leaf’s best-selling month in a long time, in spite of it being the month of the Chevrolet Bolt’s launch.

What’s curious is that its sales have jumped despite the vehicle itself having no changes. The ride still looks dorky, and it still offers no more than 107 miles of range on a single charge. So what’s changed?

According to a Nissan dealer, the automaker has moved on from its past failures of improperly training its salespeople with regards to the Leaf. With a lot more effort dedicated to ensuring that dealers really know the ins and outs of the EV, it has quickly regained its vigor on the US plug-in sales charts.