2017 Nissan Leaf: Sorry, Failure Is Not In The Plans

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The arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt was thought to be the end of the Nissan Leaf but it is far from it. While the Leaf may look like the inferior car due to its aging powertrain, the vehicle still manages to achieve decent sales figures and it is very consistent at that too.

With the next-gen Leaf inching closer to making its official debut, we can’t help but speculate that the future vehicle is going to be an instantaneous hit in the market. The prospects cannot look any better as the Leaf will have a nicer appearance and it is likely to have 200 miles of driving range.

Last but not least, the Leaf will be very affordable to own, just like how it is with the current model. At this rate, we don’t see why the Leaf can leave an impact in the industry when it makes its debut and it may even rattle the Bolt while at it. For a better idea on this, you can check out the Leaf’s spy video below.