2017 Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3: The Battle Of The Hopeless

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Both the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 are two of the best EV cars – well at least they were back when they were first launched. Ever since then, things have gone south for both the Leaf and i3 as rival carmakers managed to surpass them in EV offerings.

In a world where driving range matters most, the Leaf and i3 are still stuck with 100 miles whereas the competition has moved on to 200 miles. Even for 2017, Nissan chose to perform a mild upgrade on the Leaf and the same can be said for the BMW i3.

Even so, BMW is still hopeful for the 2017 i3 as they prepare a couple of upgrades for the car. For 2017, the i3 will have 114 miles to offer. The Leaf, in the other hand, has been boosted to offer 121 miles.

It is not something attractive but it should be able to keep the Leaf and i3 selling at a decent pace until a proper successor is released.

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  1. JBlangi

    November 21, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Let’s not measure everything by range if you’re driving needs and driving habits can be met by a car that has a range of 80-90 miles then there are so many other benefits in driving these first line of BEV’s. I just got a second 2014 BMW BEV i3 at a fantastic discount with DC charging readily available in my area and solar panel on the roof….I have range confidence…and there are many options for extended driving needs other than having costly, overpowered batteries sitting in my garage unused 99% of the time.