2017 Nissan Leaf Will Show Chevrolet Bolt How It’s Done

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The all new Chevrolet Bolt may be the best EV car money can buy today but it is still vulnerable to the Nissan Leaf. The latter is about to get updated with a new generation model and it will be one that promises to conquer the green segment.

The next-gen Leaf outdoing the Chevrolet Bolt is a foreseeable outcome, especially if you are to check out how the Leaf is performing at this point of time. The current Leaf has an outdated driving range and it wears age-old technologies. However, that didn’t stop the car from making gains on the sales front on the consistent basis and this suggests that the next-gen Leaf is going to enjoy an impactful debut.

The future Leaf will be fine-tuned for the EV future as it looks to arrive with more than 200 miles of driving range to offer and the car will also have a beautiful futuristic style. Spy shots have confirmed that the future Leaf will be ditching the egg shell structure and appear more like the IDS concept.

The full details are expected to surface later this year but the video below is enough to convince us that the next-gen Leaf will be a fan-favorite EV car thus giving it the potential to become the segment champion.