2017 Nissan Leaf Will Show Chevrolet Bolt Who’s Boss

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Chevrolet Bolt may be the best EV car money can buy today but it is still unable to kill off the Nissan Leaf. The latter is about 6 years old now and it is running on an outdated electric powertrain.

With only 110 miles of driving range to offer, the Leaf should have been killed off when the Bolt arrived but that didn’t happen at all. Instead, the Leaf ended up posting its best sales month yet and this is despite of the car being more expansive than the Bolt if calculated based on dollar-per-EV-mile.

The fact that Nissan is already developing the next-gen Leaf strongly suggests that the Bolt’s reign in the EV market will not last long, especially when knowing that the future model will be styled better and it promises more than 200 miles of driving range.

Several sightings of the future Nissan Leaf confirms that the car will be a lot like the IDS Concept and it will also feature some autonomous technology. Could it mean the end for the Bolt?