2017 Subaru WRX STI vs Ford Focus RS: Safety The New Playing Field

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The arrival of the Ford Focus RS immediately saw the car defeating the Subaru WRX STI on every department. This cannot be helped as the Focus RS is faster, more powerful and more economical than the WRX STI.

Subaru is aware that an update is needed in order to make the WRX STI great again and they are already working on upgrading the vehicle. Subaru teased that the next WRX STI will be built on a new platform and you can already see the new architecture through the brand new Impreza.

The Impreza’s unveiling confirmed that the new platform is aimed at optimizing performance as well as safety. Subaru revealed that the architecture is 40% more rigid than before and this makes the Imrpeza a lot safer to drive.

With the next WRX STI getting built on that same platform, the sports sedan too will boast the best safety ratings and it may use this to be better than the Focus RS.