2017 Tesla Model 3: Boycott From US Buyers?

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Just when things are looking great for Tesla Inc and the upcoming Model 3, the company suffered a U-turn after a large number of orders made for the affordable EV car got cancelled.

The move happened right after Tesla’s Elon Musk aligned himself with newly elect president of the United States, Donald Trump. The controversial figure has left Americans divided and the fact that Elon has joined Trump’s economic advisory group has damaged Tesla Inc.

While the exact cancellation figures are unknown at the moment, rumours are claiming it to be slightly above the 100,000 mark. This translates to about a-third of the overall deposits that have been placed on the upcoming Model 3.

If we can find any positives behind the sudden surge in cancellations made for the Model 3, it is the fact that Tesla can worry less about making timely deliveries of the upcoming EV car.