2017 Tesla Model 3: Failure Would Hit Harder

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Tesla has had the Model S and Model X to discover and learn from its mistakes, so when the Model 3 arrives, buyers would be a lot less forgiving of any quality or reliability problems.

That seems the to be the gist of what customer satisfaction research firm JD Power has said recently. As a $35,000 vehicle, the Model 3 would undoubtedly be a daily driver for many, not just those who could afford premium rides.

This means that Tesla’s product quality and customer service would be compared to the likes of GM, Toyota, and Honda, who are also looking to enter the EV arms race but with decades of experience in mass producing for the global market.

Tesla has shown signs of improving its reputation in the past year or two, as it has been named the No. 1 auto brand in the US by Consumer Reports, vindicating itself from its days of being rated below average by the publication.

The Model 3 is a totally different ball game though, as it’s priced like a mass market vehicle. Dealing with far higher production volumes and offering dependable after-sales support to a whole lot more customers is a challenge that presents a different variety of potential issues that may blindside the automaker.