2017 Tesla Model 3: Help Arrives As Planned

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Tesla is starting to look like a major automaker after successfully turning both the Model S and the Model X into a hit in the market. Both vehicles single-handedly changed the perception of the masses on EV cars and it got many interested to check out future products from Tesla Motors.

Well, if you have been following news from Tesla, you will know that the Model 3 is the next big thing and it will also be the biggest volume and most affordable car from the company.

Many are already placing their orders for the Model 3 despite not knowing on when the car will get released and the pressure is certainly on Tesla to deliver. While it may be a positive leap forward for Tesla Motors, they must not screw up with deliveries or risk hurting their reputation.

It is clear that Tesla needs some help and the city of Fremont heard their cries. Fremont is the location of the Gigafactory from Tesla and the city had just approved Tesla’s request for more land to expand the production facility.

With the approval, Tesla can bring up production numbers of the Model 3 while also making faster deliveries.