2017 Tesla Model 3: What Happens If China Fails?

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China may be the biggest automotive market in the world but that doesn’t make it safe for carmakers to gamble it all in the country. Tesla Inc is aware of this hence they are exploring other massive markets to tap into as part of their expansion program and also protection if things are to turn stale in China.

Well, today we can confirm that Tesla is looking at India and they are hoping to turn into an EV kingpin in the second most populated country with the upcoming Model 3. Despite not selling the Model S and Model X, Tesla is already taking in pre-orders for the Model 3 in India and the reception is a positive one.

So when exactly can we expect Tesla’s uprising in India? If a recent Tweet from Elon Musk is to be referred to, Tesla will start readying their infrastructures in India somewhere in the summer of this year. But of course, we don’t expect to see the Model 3 coming to India in that same period of time. You can check out the Tweet below.