2017 Tesla Model S Also Borrows From Model 3

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The Model 3 is still in development but that is not stopping it from influencing the older vehicles from Tesla Motors. The Model S, in particular, is being upgraded for 2017 and the new features coming with it are those that are introduced on the Model 3 concept.

The most obvious is with the Model S all-new interior design. If you have seen the pictures released by Tesla, you can see that the shape and layout are all akin to the Model 3 Concept.

It got us thinking. Was the Model 3 Concept built exclusively for the production Model 3 or is it an open concept that is made to shape the future vehicles from Tesla? Since the Model S’ interior is identical to the Model 3 Concept, will the finalized Model 3 be looking different?

The 2017 Model S raised many questions and we need a response from Tesla to clarify on it. Meanwhile, we can look to enjoy the glass roof on the new Model S as well as the new-looking dashboard.