2017 Tesla Model S: Budgets Are For Suckers!

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Many may argue that the Tesla Model S is not a luxury car but Tesla Motors beg to differ. The EV carmaker still believes that the Model S deserves to be priced highly even if the interior lacks the prestige and class of a Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lincoln.

Today, Tesla made the same remark again in a bid to justify the new price tag for the Model S. Tesla revealed that the Model S is a premium EV car and for 2017, prices for the vehicle will go up by $2000.

The good news here is that you can still purchase the Model S for only $66,000 today. The $68,000 base price for the Model S will commence on November 22, next week.

The future will look more expansive if you plan to purchase a car from Tesla Motors as the carmaker is expected to further increase the price of their products. Hence, you better act fast if you want a Model S.