2017 Tesla Model S: Cheaper Than Ever

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One of the reasons that contributed to the sales success of the Tesla Model S is with the government subsidy for EV cars. Well, it looks like Tesla is hoping for the same over in Europe after announcing that they are looking for ways to make the Model S cheaper.

Well, you can actually own a Model S for less than 60,000 Euros today but it requires you to try out one crazy idea. It is to purchase the base Model S without all the fancy technologies on-board.

Tesla is now offering the Model S 60 without the navigation system, rearview camera, internet radio, parking sensors, HomeLink system, memory seats, blind spot warning, electric folding mirrors, and the Performance reduction to 80% feature.

Without the package, you can enjoy the Model S 60 for under 60,000 Euros. It is a good bargain considering that you are getting a better EV car when compared to the other EVs from Germany.

Think about it. The Model S is a much better car than the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen E-Golf, and this is despite of it not coming with the features mentioned above. It simply makes the Model S cheaper to own than ever.