2017 Tesla Model S: Drive Long And Prosper

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On papers, it sounds like the Tesla Model S is the perfect EV car for everyone. The vehicle runs on an EV powertrain that is free of carbon emissions and it can also run fast like a supercar.

The only problem is that it took the Model S a while to prove its worth on the global front and today, it is one of the most recognized cars around. The Model S has persevered through a number of bad incidents and today, it has become one of the most sough-after vehicles.

As how you can see on Consumer Report’s list of reliable cars, the Model S has made a huge leap from being a worst performing vehicle in reliability to a decent model all around. The updated chart couldn’t come out at a better time as Tesla had just announced on a massive profit gain with the Model S.

To cap it all off, the weird-looking Model X too is turning into a vehicle in demand despite having suffered severe amount of criticisms for the exaggerated features. It goes to say that the Tesla Model S has successfully brought the EV firm from being a new face in the industry into a major player.