2017 Tesla Model S: It Would Be A Crime

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It is a strange behaviour from LAPD when they claim that they do not want to have the Tesla Model S as they prefer the BMW i3. Today, the circumstances have changed as the police force teased on ordering its first batch of Model S that is finished with police equipment.

A law enforcer revealed that the Model S has one sole purpose and it is to handle high speed chases. The P85D has a long enough range to fulfil its daily objectives and it will also help reduce the force’s daily operation cost. But then again, not everyone is pleased with this decision.

Many hated the fact that he police force is spending far too much money on the Model S. The car is not cheap at all and they would have preferred it if the LAPD is to wait for the cheaper, longer range options like the Model E.

The scary part is that the officers may experience the same driving glitches as the consumers. Some are predicting a couple of cases where the LAPD in the Model S will experience repeated burst of acceleration in attempts to catch drug runners.

It seems that the Model S would make an extremely bad choice for the LAPD and the consumers are not too happy about it. Thankfully, the above is still not finalized yet hence there is still a chance for the decision to change.