2017 Toyota Hilux Finally Solves Moose Problem

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Outside of the US, Toyota gained a lot of success in the midsized pickup truck segment thanks to the Hilux. Despite that fact, the Hilux is still not the best choice around and this was proven by a team of investigators that realized a body roll problem on the vehicle.

The researchers organized a ‘Moose Test’ that involves every midsized pickup truck outside of the US and only the Hilux failed to complete it with full marks. The test was conducted last year on the 2016 Hilux and it caught Toyota’s attention.

Toyota acknowledged the issue and they refuse to see the Hilux being the only vehicle failing the ‘Moose Test’. So when the 2017 Hilux was released, the same investigators were called upon to check on the vehicle and it finally get passed the Moose hurdle. You can check out the clip of it below.