2017 Toyota Prius: It’s Now Literally Do Or Die

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Toyota may not admit it but they should know better that the latest-generation Prius is in big trouble. Ever since its debut last year, the Prius has never managed to leap into success. Sales of the car have been sluggish since its introduction and the situation has not changed today.

Toyota blamed it on the low gas prices which have got the consumers leaning towards a performance car rather than a hybrid but this is not the main cause of the Prius’ misery at all. Countless surveys have proved that the Prius extremely poor styling is the cause of it its failure.

Either way, something needs to be done in order for the Prius to recover or Toyota will have ditched the vehicle to save them from more losses. Toyota is aware of it and their idea of recovery is to introduce a new base trim for the Prius.

The new base trim is confirmed to be coming out in the near future and it will have a much lower opening price than the current outgoing model. More on the new base trim will be revealed somewhere in Q3 this year.