2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Taking Over From Chevy Volt Soon

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At present, the Chevrolet Volt is the sales king of the US plug-in market with a total of 3,431 units sold as of February. Right behind it is the newly introduced Toyota Prius Prime with 2,728 units sold so far.

While a margin of about 700 units is a comfortable enough advantage for the Volt, the Prius Prime could soon bridge the gap as demand for the plug-in Prius is beginning to be burst at the seams.

According to Bill Fay, Toyota’s group VP, dealers have been clamoring for more Prius Prime allocations as they’ve been running dry trying to keep up with customers. InsideEVs adds that on average, the Prius Prime lasts for only about 16 days on dealer lots, far shorter than industry norms.

The regular Prius hybrid may be performing poorly with buyers, as its sales in February dropped by nearly 25 percent against the same month in 2016; but that seems to have been offset by the instant success of its plug-in alternative.

Do you think the Toyota Prius Prime would be able to eventually overtake the Chevy Volt and be the top-selling plug-in electric nameplate before the end of the year?