2017 Toyota Tundra: Even The Tacoma Can’t Save You

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It seems that the days of the Toyota Tundra are numbered as the pickup truck has failed to achieve a strong start in 2017.

Back in January, the Tundra was found at the bottom pile of the segment in terms of sales. Things got worse in February when Toyota announced that the Tundra only managed to acquire 7,234 new buyers in the month.

This is a way below the figures achieved in the same period last year and the fact that the Tundra is not recovering is certainly a worrying sight. At this rate, Toyota won’t be able to cope with the red line sales figures and they may resort to booting the Tundra.

It is important for Toyota to make such a decision since having the Tundra around will only hurt the success of the smaller Tacoma. The latter has been doing very well in the midsized scene but the overall pickup truck sales figures are being dragged down by the Tundra.