2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio: Sleeker Without 505hp

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The thing about Alfa Romeo is that they tend to unveil their best vehicles first before launching them and this leaves the consumers wondering on how a base trim will look like. We have seen it happened with the newly released Giulia and it seems to be happening again for the Stelvio.

The SUV from Alfa was unveiled back at the LA Auto Show in its QV trim and nobody has got a clue on how the base model will look like. Well, that was the case until today when a photo of a basic Stelvio got leaked online.

As how you can see above, the Stelvio looks like an SUV built for the minimalist. The design is not watered down too much from the QV trim and it looks really attractive. Some can say that the base Stelvio appears more luxurious than sporty.

The base Stelvio ditches the aggressive bumpers, flared arches and voluptuous rear-end in favour of something more neat and classy.

Everything about the base Stelvio looks positive and promising – until we realized that the photo above is unofficial. Until Alfa brings out the entire Stelvio family, we cannot be certain on the above.