2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio: The Biggest Waste Of Sporty

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Alfa Romeo’s Giulia-based crossover has been called Stelvio after the winding mountain pass in the Italian Alps that goes by the same name. There’s actually a good reason for that, and those who are looking to purchase the vehicle should know why.

It’s because the Stelvio prioritizes sportiness above all, even though it’s a premium SUV. The words ‘premium’ and ‘SUV’ take a back seat to ‘sporty’. So while the vehicle does well enough as a daily commuter on urban and suburban streets, it would be a major waste if that’s all it does.

Even without the range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) badge which means that it’s endowed with Alfa’s Ferrari-derived 505hp twin-turbo V6, the Stelvio can channel its base 280hp four-banger into a thrilling experience on the asphalt.

But that’s if you have a place like, well, the Stelvio pass on which to challenge the Italian SUV. It doesn’t have to be the Italian Alps, but it would be a crime to only subject the Stelvio to mundane grocery runs.

If you want a clearer explanation of that point with proof of the Stelvio’s touted capabilities, then perhaps you should check out the test drive video by Carfection here: