2018 Audi Q7 Wants To Escaped Volkswagen Diesel Stigma

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Being part of the Volkswagen Group, Audi suffered a lot when Volkswagen pleaded guilty to cheating their diesel emissions. At that point of time, Audi was also developing new diesel powertrains and they find it wasteful too see those new mills not making its way into production vehicles.

After a lot of thinking, Audi has decided to offer their diesel powertrains in the near future and they don’t mind what Volkswagen thinks of it. Audi revealed that they will be offering a new diesel engine for the Q7 in the US next year and are hoping for the consumers to try it out.

Audi also added that the new diesel powertrain will work closely with NHTSA and EPA to prevent a repeat of the diesel scandal. It might look like a taboo for Audi to offer diesels but it is something they need to be over with to move on from the dark past.

The details on the diesel powertrain are not out yet but the news got us excited to see how it will get received by the public. Will the consumers be able to accept it?